How to Clean Cloth Diapers

It is not a matter of knowing what type of clothes diapers you use, if you can wash the diapers well, you can use it more than once, how to clean clothes diaper, and it will have to be washed for more absorption, you have to go well,and you Of course, the clothes that need to be used well for washing diapers, and there are many parents who routinely wash the clothes diapers, and see, If it is wet, its stain will decrease, and if it does not stain well, you should wash 10 to 12 diapers together, it will be very good for you, if you wash the clothes diapers, then it is do you clean cloth diapers,

How to Clean Cloth Diapers

How to prepare clothes diapers:

First, you have to put dirty cloth diapers together, wash the clothes and wash the dip, and the dry clothes will be washed repeatedly.

Preparing dirty diapers for:

You can say in general, first to clean the dirty diapers from the bag, some parents who do not do the actual work, keep their dirty clothes separately, and they are immersed in more water, the rules before you wash If you follow suit, then you can wash beautifully, you will use a wet pallet, you will have to make a wash routine, See our routines,

Choosing a detergent.

Before washing the diaper you need to go, no detergent is good, cleaning cloth diapers, and if the detergent is good then its work should be nice, and it should be nice white and much clearer, we will continue to remove these products from the fabric, because it will be sensitive to the baby, change diapers good And the baby cloth diapers should be free of less absorption, and the blip cloth spoils the diapers, and you have to use a better quality detergent, and the soft If the child is having problems using detergent, then every parent wants his child to be asleep, many parents want to reduce the odor, they use soda, and if the use of soda is a problem of clothes diapers, then the diaper becomes soft. Soda can be used, you use detergent in water quantity, and if you wash better, use it,

cloth diaper washing machine.

Your dirty diapers and diapers cover the wash, but if you never overload by a washing machine, then you will have problems, because you do not get the diapers clean, there are dozens of diapers, your quantity of washing machine should be seen, cotton diapers Wash it with hot water, and the diaper cover can be hot with hot water, if you boil water in hot heater, then the baby is growing It is recommended to do.

Drying cloth diapers.

Keep the diapers beautiful,cloth diaper washing routine , so that you will not be affected, remember that most of the clothes are some diapers while drying the diapers, which cannot bear more heat, the color of the diaper is separated and damaged, as you do not remember how to dry , That the diapers cannot be kept in the sunlight, it is dry and dry in the sunlight, if it is a bit harder, then it will be lifted from the sun, and then, curry exploits in the afternoon with a soft dry diaper is Bata’s era, use tap pare,

How often you’ll need to wash diapers.

We will get rid of all the clothes and pocket diapers, do not bring time to your laundry, your smoke diapers will work very well, I do not wash diapers every day, you should wash all the diapers in one day, and you will not have to wash again the next day, and in this The smell will help to reduce, but if you keep a dirty diaper for a long time, it will be the smell, then wash your diapers when it is dirty, it will be better, it will not be more smell, your You do not have much trouble to wash, you can tell how many diapers your baby uses, or walk you, you will take several loads, remember that you can wash 24 diapers together on your machine, you have to work on it, every parent wants Her child is asleep, cloth diaper wash routine,


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